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Shenzhen Hongjiali Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Hongjiali Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in R&D, design, manufacturing, marketing and service of self-service terminals, inquiry machines, vending machines, advertising machines, ATMs and other products. Through the unremitting efforts of Hongjiali people, self-service terminals, ATM and other products are sold to various industries in China and overseas. Hongjiali people adhere to the business philosophy of “leading technology and unlimited innovation”, and adhere to the corporate philosophy of “people-oriented, quality first, customer first, and excellence”. With its leading technology development platform, exquisite manufacturing and processing capabilities and modern management mode, it is able to grow together with its customers with its broad mind.


Commend Outstanding Colleagues in 2020

Shenzhen Hongjiali Information Technology Co., Ltd. held a grand meeting to commend the company's outstanding colleagues in 2020. COVID-19 happened suddenly and the whole world was affected in the beginning of 2020. But we’ve made a better achievement than we expected earlier even if we have to do COVID-19 prevention one hand,and the other hand we met up with the production schedule carefully. Specially for production department workmates,they’ve worked very hard and overtime many times in the full year to meet the tight delivery time. So “best team” belongs to them as they’ve showed strong sense of responsibility and great care to their job. Except for new colleagues who came to the company not long time,most of old employees have got corresponding reward. At last,we ended up with the grand meeting by a poker game that let us know those factors are important in the common work,such as cooperation,competion,information transmit,obey the commands etc. We all wish to be a new stage and much success in 2021!Comes on for new challenge!


Why use government service terminals?

Under the guidance of national policies, in order to solve the pain points such as the public running back and forth, the long service address, the scattered service address, etc., reduce the difficulty of doing things for the public, shorten the service cycle, and achieve "more data travel, less errands for the public", excellent information is based on human faces. Self-service terminals for government services have been independently developed with artificial intelligence, big data and other skills such as recognition and voice interaction.


Gulou District comprehensively improves the level of grass-roots government services

Gulou District of Fuzhou City implements the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on his visit to Fujian, anchors the goal of building the "most beautiful window" of a modern international city, focuses on "first, first, first, first good", and takes the lead in creating "scan code delivery + Fuzhou City" Gulou District has adopted a new model of "government affairs service", which has achieved full coverage of 997 matters in 81 government affairs acceptance points in Gulou District, Fuzhou City.


Hospital Calling Touch Screen Inquiry All-in-One Application

Hospital number calling and touch screen inquiry all-in-one application Anyone who has been to the hospital knows that queuing up to get a number is the most worrying thing.


The first batch of 43 government service items can be "handled across provinces"

Foshan comprehensively promotes and implements the "door-to-door" government service model Recently, the Municipal Affairs Service Data Administration issued the "Foshan City "door-to-door" government service provision specification (trial)" to thoroughly implement the reform of "decentralization and management services" and build a convenient and efficient government service Service system, and comprehensively promote the implementation of the "door-to-door" government service model.


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